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C.N.C Milling Centre /EDM Wire Erode
Our dedicated C.N.C machining and milling centre is equipped with the latest high specifcation machines employing 4 to 5 axis machining in single set ups. All machines are interchangeable and our extensive suite of machining centres and offline stored machining and milling programs ensures development is secure, continuous and can be switched from machine to machine.
Machining capabilities:
1 off Bridgeport Super High Speed V.C.N. XR760  Special features include a 15,000 rpm main spindle, 4th Axis Rotary table and the new conversational software & process inspection pack incorporating Renishaw probing.

2 off Bridgeport V.M.C 500: With 4 axis dividing head
1 off Bridgeport V.M.C 600: With Nikken CNC rotary table 4 axis
1 off Mazak Nexus VNC 410 Vertical Machining Centre
2 off Makino EDM U3/ Makino Heat wire erode
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